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General Questions

Can I use the fireplace as a pizza or bread oven?

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YES ! We have many customers that have called us with their methods. The most common is to burn the wood to coals, then wrap tin foil around the doors to “close in” the heat, creating an oven. The stone itself is designed to store heat.

Is this product imported?

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There are minor chips on some of the parts, can this be fixed?

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Our manufacturing process is based on making an affordable outdoor fireplace. Some chips occur during this process, and some happen in shipping. This will NOT structurally effect your fireplace. If you want a “perfect” fireplace you will spend 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

If I relocate, or want to move the fireplace after years of burning, can I do so without damaging the fireplace?

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Yes. Use caution when handling the parts to avoid chipping and re-assemble at your new location.

Will the fireplace crack if it starts to rain or snow when in use?

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NO. The fireplace is not made of concrete. Our mix will stand up to anything the elements can throw at it while burning.

Do I need a concrete pad to set the fireplace on?

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It is not required. Eight, 4″ by 12″ by 12″ blocks leveled on solid soil will be fine. Many fireplaces have been set directly on grass, soil or decorative rock, although this may cause some sagging over time.

Can I put the fireplace on my elevated deck?

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Make sure you have the proper support for 1200 pounds. Over a 2 foot by 4-foot area, that would equal about 150 pounds per square foot. 2 x 10 joices every 12 inches is recommended. The fireplace should also be set near a main support.

I live in a community with an H.O.A., will this fireplace be approved?

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Each community has their own set of rules, but to our knowledge this fireplace meets most H.O.A rules.

How safe is the fireplace?

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The Mirage Stone fireplace exceeds nation wide incinerator codes as well as uniform fire codes, which state: Containers used for burning must be constructed of concrete or masonry with a completely enclosed fire chamber and equipped with a permanently attached spark arrestor, constructed of non-combustible material with openings not larger than one-half inch.

Can I use LP gas with a Mirage Stone outdoor fireplace?

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Yes, however you would need to purchase the optional gas log kit, valve and plumbing.

Installation Questions

How much space do I need for the fireplace?

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Please refer to the photo gallery for a specification sheet.

Why no mortar or fasteners?

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In time, when exposed to extreme temperature changes, mortar becomes weak and is prone to failure. Metal fasteners would also expand and contract with temperature changes, resulting in failure.

Can I assemble the fireplace myself?

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We would recommend having a friend help, but one person can assemble the fireplace with-in an hour or so. Each fireplace is pre-assembled at the plant before being packaged for shipment to assure proper fit.

How long does it take to install the fireplace?

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The average first-time installers can assemble a Mirage Stone fireplace in about an hour.

Use and Care Questions

I am getting smoke out of the front of the fireplace.

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The fireplace needs to be “Seasoned”. The best way to stop this is to take off the top cap when starting the fire to create a better draft. This will stop the smoke from coming out the front.

Can I burn in the snow or rain?

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We have tested the fireplace with 10 inches of snow built up on the surface and burned until the snow was melted off, with no adverse reactions. Rain will not affect the fireplace.

If a part gets damaged can I get a replacement that will fit properly?

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Replacement parts are quality and fit inspected. Most parts are kept in stock.

Is there any maintenance required on the fireplace?

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When ash builds up on the fire chamber floor, use a shovel or dust pan to clean them out. If soot should stain the exterior surface, a vinegar / water solution and rinse should clean it up.

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